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Yardley HC: A Strong Club History

Posted on 22nd July, 2020

YARDLEY HOCKEY CLUB: A Strong Club History


Yardley Hockey Club began playing during the 1932-33 season as Birmingham Municipal Hockey Club. The Club’s home base was at the Birmingham Municipal Club in Sedgemere Road, Yardley. This Municipal base also housed rugby, football and cricket and later tennis sections as well as ladies’ hockey. The quality of the maintenance of the grass pitches at the club during these early years was the envy of many other clubs around. Membership of the club was quite strict in that members had to be employed by the Council – so membership consisted mainly of workers in the Council offices in the city and teachers. There was a clause in the constitution to enable the inclusion of a certain number of non-council workers. In those days there were no youth teams.


Unfortunately, no records of these early years have been passed on. There will not be anyone left alive who could fill in the gaps. We know that up to the outbreak of the Second World War the club fielded two sides. After the war the club built up to three sides.


The earliest photograph in our collection is of the 1st team during the 1947-8 season. There are also a few others of teams in the 50s.


It’s not until the 1960s that more photographs have survived and more written records that give a useful insight into more recent club history. I have tried to include the best and most interesting bits in this publication. There is a complete collection of annual reports and fixture cards from the late 60s and 70s to the present day. From those documents a list of the officers of the club has been drawn up.


From the list of officials, we can work out that during the early years after the War, the club played with three teams. Opposition was drawn from mainly Worcestershire and Warwickshire, playing only as friendlies. Occasional friendly Sunday and summer fixtures also took place.


It was not until 1962-63 that the club started a fourth team. In 1970-71 the third and fourth teams were re-named as Swifts and Swallows respectively. The Swallows ceased playing in 1990-91 and then began again as a means of bringing on the younger players as the Badgers side. By 2007-08 the 3rd Team ceased playing due to a lack of players. Later, in 2008-09 the Second team withdrew from the league and then began as a non-league side playing like-minded opposition in the Fathom set-up.  So, at present the club plays with its 1st Xl, and a Badgers side. In recent years, our Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14 sides have taken part, when player-numbers allowed, in the Warwickshire Mini-league set-up.


The club has been lucky that it does not seem to have had many changes of Chairman. I’m not sure about the very early years but in the late 50s Ron Corlett held the post for 14 years, Jack Smith for 17 years in the 70s until the early 90s. Our late Chairman, Chris Wadhams topped them all with 27 years’ service, albeit after first serving 7 years as vice-chair. Our recently appointed and youngest-ever Chairman, Jeevan Chagger, has some way to go!


The club has enjoyed its entry into various festivals over the years. In the late 60s the early season was regularly taken up with the Pickwick Festival. Our own autumn festival ran for nearly forty years until we lost the use of the pitches at Sedgemere Road. Easter festivals have always been popular. Club sides regularly entered the local Dunlop Festival which later became known as the Motorways Festival. In 1968 a party of hardy souls entered the festival at Scarborough. This lasted for four years and before the Blackpool Festival took over. Torbay then became popular at first with our own club side, The Normans, then, as numbers dropped, combining with Barford Tigers. Some club members then enjoyed the social side without the bother of playing. In 2009-10 our own club side toured again after a break of many years, as The Normans and continue to do so this year.


The club has always prided itself over the range of social functions offered to its members. Over the years these have included, with varying degrees of success, barbecues, beer and skittles, barn dances, ‘Hundred’ evenings, curry and quiz Nights, dinner dances and then dinners only, and more recently race nights. In the early years the annual dinner dance was held in the banqueting suite at the Council House. When it no longer became possible to hold the function there, one or two other venues were tried before we came to the Westfield Court Hotel in Wylde Green. We are now in our 26th year there. The curry and quiz has always been popular since it began in 1984-85 and has enjoyed several quiz masters over the years. In recent years the race night has proved to be a good event to boost club funds.


Over the years the club has played at several venues. In 1990 the City Council decided to get rid of its employees’ sports club. At short notice the club had to find a new playing facility. After the joys of the decent grass pitches at Sedgemere, the problems with the closure, combined with the increasing demands of the league meant that the club needed to find Astro facilities. And so, in 1990-91 the 1sts and 2nds began playing at Holyhead Leisure Centre. The whole Club moved to play at the new water-based Astro at the North Solihull Sports Centre, Chelmsley Wood in 1996-97. We were the first club to use these new facilities. Finally, the club moved to play at its present ground, at Small Heath Leisure Centre in 2001-02.


In the early years the club enjoyed a strong 1st X1 playing friendly fixtures. The 2nds and 3rds were pretty good too if I remember. There was no league set-up until 1969-70. I recall that the club was somewhat hesitant over this move into leagues but felt that they had to join in as everyone else was doing. The 2nd team leagues also started. Thankfully the 3rds did not have a league!


Highlights from the 1st team league included being promoted as Champions from Division 5 West in 1984-5, and then again in 1994-95 after league re-organisation. In 2002-03 the 1st Team won their league, West Midlands 1, but could not say they were promoted as the leagues were again re-structured into their present format. Since then the team slipped downwards in 2005-06, and since has been playing in West Midlands Division 2. Thankfully there is no relegation from there!


The 2nd team enjoyed winning its league in 2001-02 but in 2007-08 a lack of players, meant a withdrawal from the league before joining the non-competitive Fathom set-up. Finally, a consistent lack of numbers meant that the 2nds finally ceased playing at the end of 2017-18 season.


Thankfully the club enjoys a strong youth set up. The Badgers side has brought on many young players and then moved them up. However, fluctuating numbers has also affected this team from time to time. Links with local schools with our coaching initiatives have long been a strong feature of recruitment at this level. These younger sections have been very grateful for a strong core of coaches and helpers.


Summer hockey proved very popular over many years giving added opportunity for some of the younger players to get the chance to mingle with more experienced players during the Summer League programme. However, as always, a growing lack of regular numbers and commitment and availability over the whole league period eventually led to swapping the league for the preferred occasional one-off tournaments – often 7 a-side and often mixed sides. This approach has remained the better option.


The club’s commitment its youth has been amply demonstrated with the awarding of the national ‘Clubmark’ and the partnership with the Calthorpe School and Sports’ Programme. The partnership awarded the club ‘Club of the Year’ in 2009 for its commitment to providing sporting opportunities for young people.


After several years of a growing uncertainty for the future, with dwindling adult player numbers and an ever more reliance on younger players coming through the ranks, it became a more difficult achievement to fulfill our fixtures without ‘doubling up’ or even at times making do with less than a full complement. During the season 2018-19. Early provisional discussions with the newly formed City of Birmingham Hockey Club, led to an informal partnership being struck up. This finally led to the idea of a formal arrangement being set up whereby Yardley Hockey Club would form the men’s section of this hitherto ladies only Club. In September 2019, a formal Extra-ordinary General Meeting led to a unanimous vote in favour of the merger. It was agreed that for the season 2020-21 that Yardley Hockey Club would play its fixtures under the new name of City of Birmingham Hockey Club. There is now positive hope for the future, the possibility of gaining new membership through university links and thereby re-introducing a 2nd team. Further, to assist in club administration, it has been decided that the new City of Birmingham Hockey Club would take effect from 1st June 2020. Many thanks must go to the Chairmen of both sections and other Club Officials who have worked to make this possible.


So, after some 87 playing seasons with a proud history, (60 as Birmingham Municipal and 27 as Yardley), we can look forward with renewed confidence to our future.


Peter Brainch

Yardley HC Club Secretary

(May 2020)



Supporting Archived Documents (click to view)

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Birmingham Municipal Officers (Page 2)

Birmingham Municipal Playing Record 1968-1993

Yardley Hockey Club Officials

Yardley Hockey Club Playing Record 1993-2020

Yardley Hockey Club History Timeline 1932

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Yardley Hockey Club Colours Awards 



WJ Sports Therapy Exclusive Offer

Posted on 5th December, 2019

WJ Sports Therapy Exclusive Offer

West Bridgford 4th XI 2-1 Yardley 1st XI

This week, Yardley 1st XI faced a trip to West Bridgford in their last pre-season friendly before the new season.


Arriving early pitchside, the team gathered on a warm but windy day to prepare for what will be a tough season. The side, unchanged from last week’s win, got underway to immediate pressure from an energetic opposition. West Bridgford tried to force play down both flanks with Noah and Edan doing well to keep attacks at bay. The midfield trio of Zach, Alex and Kyle saw much possession, turning over play with help from the wingers to force attacks. West Bridgford opening the scoring 15 minutes into the half. Yardley continued to press with Jeevan seeing his reverse shot saved and Jahed’s follow-up, parried away. Islam and Noor continued to support attacks with Jordan winning the ball and squaring up Jeevan who won a short corner. Alex saw his shot saved but Yardley continued to pile on the pressure with the keeper making several key saved.


1-0 down at the break and the team talk, much the same as last week was to press as a team and show we wanted it more. And the opening minutes, we did just that. Alex and Zach combined well to find Jeevan who turned his two defenders and slotted home a reverse shot to equalise. Mat then fed the ball out from the back to Alex who played a lovely aerial into the “D” for Noor to receive, with his shot crashing against the post and going out. Kyle would follow up moments later with another effort going agonisingly wide. A turn of possession saw Yardley in control for 15 minutes in the opposition half, Noor going wide from a short corner and Jeevan forcing an excellent save from the keeper.


In the final 5 minutes, West Bridgford found themselves and put pressure on the Yardley defence to find the winner in the final two minutes at the back post. 2-1 the final score, with much to ponder had the earlier chance have been put away.


Next week, Yardley start off the new campaign away against Old Halesonians.


Goalscorer: Jeevan (1)


Yardley 1st XI 7-1 Cannock 3rd XI

Yardley fielded the same team as last week, strengthened by the return of Zach.


On a gloriously hot end of summer afternoon. Yardley soon set about their task, forcing the pace to win an early short corner that unfortunately, could not be converted. Cannock settled into their game and forced their own early short corner that was put away to establish an early lead for the visitors. Shortly afterwards, Neal was called upon to make a great save to prevent a second goal. Jeevan produced a run on goal but his effort went just wide. Zach was able to hold the midfield and set up several chances that ought to have earned a better outcome. A scramble in the visitors D ended up with skipper Alex scoring to level the game. Yardley created another great chance just afterwards. Yardley were having most of the attacking play and Cannock limited to few chances, but were not out of it by any means. Just on the stroke of half-time Yardley managed to edge in front when Noor got on the end of another chance.


Yardley’s slender half time lead was fair result for their efforts so far.


Yardley continued on the offensive right from the start of the second half. It was not too long before a surging run forward by Jeevan resulted with a shot on goal that gave the keeper no chance. Noor added a fourth to put the home side well ahead. A somewhat scrambled effort from Jeevan gave Yardley their 5th. By now, Cannock’s efforts were few and far between as their efforts were well defended, with Noah prominent at the back. Another rampaging move forward saw Noor’s fierce shot well saved by the visiting keeper. Yardley’s sixth goal was crashed home by Jeevan as part of a well worked short corner routine. To complete a thoroughly comprehensive performance, a great finish to another speedy Yardley attack saw Jeevan on hand to claim his fourth and the team’s seventh. A super end to a game that saw all players settling down into the season.


Next week, in the last of the pre-league games, Yardley travel to West Bridgford.


Goalscorers: Jeevan (4), Noor (2), Alex (1)


Yardley 1st XI 0-4 West Bromwich 2nd XI

The first match of the season is always a bit of an unknown affair. This one proved to be no different. Yardley’s team must have been one of the youngest and least experienced ever to set out on the new season. The team included a couple of lads who, last season, were propping up the Badgers defence, one lad returning to the club after several seasons away. Some players playing in different positions as needs demanded. Some were missing through non availability. It also contained a player playing in spite of injury, oh and a new captain at the helm!


Facing a more experienced set of players, Yardley set out with positive intentions. Both teams made early probing forays forward, with the visitors creating a good chance. However, Yardley’s youngsters, ably supported by the few remaining stalwarts of the team, were holding their own during these early exchanges and certainly giving the visitors something to think about. Mid-way through the half, Neal kept the team level when he saved what looked like a certain goal. With Neal, Mat and Noah holding the defence, Alex, Kyle, Jeevan, Jordan, Jared and Islam working hard in midfield. Jack and Ethan were finding that life after Badgers is not going to be easy. Up front, Noor went close after a clearance from defence but his shot went just wide. Jeevan was showing no sign of his injury as he gave his usual energetic performance helping out in defence and pushing forward whenever possible.


West Brom’s sustained pressure brought reward right on the stroke of half time when a Neal smothered an initial shot but the ball squirted free to be pushed home. West Brom had always looked the more likely to score first, but Yardley’s spirited efforts had kept them at bay for long periods during the first half. An early West Brom attack, early in the second half, led to a fierce shot on goal that struck the crossbar. The early part of the second period produced chances for both sides, Neal being called into frequent action to save his side, Jeevan had a couple of chances saved too. Later on in the half, West Brom’s greater experience and strength began to tell and three more goals were scored to give the visitors a comfortable win.


Although it seems like a heavy enough defeat, Yardley’s patched up side produced a spirited display from which they can gain some comfort.


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